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Each Day What Goes Around Comes Back Stronger...
Be my friend. Not my peep, not a follower, not a fan.

"Goodness speaks in a whisper, evil shouts" ~ Tibetan Proverb

"There is much pain that is quite noiseless; and vibrations that make human agonies are often a mere whisper in the roar of hurrying existence".
~George Eliot

I Ponder: All Art Burns
"If I died you will be in my heart, If I die by fire you also would be immolated!" ~unknown

"Thank you for hearing my whisper." ~Always

~ Sincerely Katylin
burning mars hill sound
The days fly by:
Dec. 24th, 2008 @ 06:53 am My husand never grumbles.
I was making coffee this morning. I am zombie girl in the mornings. We get in bed after 1:00... last night it was a little after that. Justin always waits up for me, and we brush our teeth together~ unwind a bit after I get off work.
Then he is up at six sharp. I am up daily just after six. I should be up at 0600. But I just cannot make my eyelids peel back.
I was thinking of Justin this morning as I was making his lunch and coffee. I was adding the "Christmas Eve" lover's card, (Woodstock to be exact) and the card was all happy and cute. "bird talk for Merry Christmas" and my brain was wondering to talking, and the different ways people make sentences, and my husbands voice.
Then, I just stood there.
I realized how much has changed for him since October, and how really grateful I am to know him. What an amazing character he really is to know; what a charming creature.

Last October, he was working a job he really loved being part of... a gaming job.
Last year at this time, the office party was held at the W hotel, the one at his buddies house, and then his bosses house ~all on different nights. His whole office was given symphony tickets to hear a clip of music, and the entire staff was presented (their own) a Play Stations 3, (their own) rock band special addition and (their own)  blue ray movie... "All these huge Christmas gifts and then their huge  Christmas bonus."
Then the whole company was given the 10 days around Christmas off ... PAID.
Most of their staff lived out of the country, or was from places out of the country and this allowed them to go home for the holidays.
Justin had plenty of snow days, and this whole holiday season off!!

He could ride his motorcycle (and was encouraged too by the slew of other riders). He had a place for his personal things, his own desk, a small refrigerator, a snacks drawer, leather slippers under the desk, an office with not just colleges but friends; one that he has had for a decade. He knew his job, he had a phone stiffen, lunches brought in by an amazing office manager, free snacks, all sorts of snack, fruit, jerky, m&m's, an espresso machine, a coffee pot...his office had a picture windown and a view of the water called the sloop and all the amazing cranes, rabbits, ducks and other life that ran around.

Last year right after January he took a new higher position with a work slope. A pay raise and position title was to be paid 10 months later. Yes, do this job now, and in 10 months at review there will be a bonus and a raise.

He walked in one day ~ almost exactly 10 months later~ right before reviews and had been replaced. He came home defeated in his heart. It was totally out of the blue. He sought new work. He spent more than 90 hours the first week on his résumé and leads. Towards the end of looking he dove into letting God have control of his life. I could see this in his prayer life and his Bible time. Almost immediately he was given contract work.

Contract work had never seemed like an option for him. He turned it down prior saying that it was not steady enough pay,  for raise a family; not the security he was looking for...
But this position offered the same pay, and enough to cover cobra insurance.
His only real words about his new place are that he is not an employee, and it would be nice to have his own desk...
One day reciently, I ran over the list in my head and asked him about this new job. He has not shared much about it, so I figured it was not "grand". He really offered only that the bathrooms are awful, and that there is no internet allowed for contractors. I asked more, he only answered nah...(much less his own office, his own chair, place for his gear, a place for his food (no refrigerators much less his own under his desk), no view, not even a desk phone, no snacks, no perks). He has never listed them... He just said things like " Could you find me a lunch sack that stays cold?". I  said, " sure", and then asked if there was a refrigerator, and he said, "not so much". I asked if there was a microwave and he said: "one". I asked, "coffee pot"? He said, "not so much".

There were no Christmas parties this year. No friends from his last place of work called. No party invites from his old pals, his old boss, their old friends. Nothing.
No bonus, no presents, no "good job" my work loves me feeling.



I am totally humbled by him. Everyone knows how I think about my work place.
I mutter and gripe, I complain and rant, all the time.

And today while making coffee, my kind, gentle husband just got up, got ready and went off to this new job, driving right though the snow without so much as a peep about dismay.

I am amazed. and again so very humbled.
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Feb. 20th, 2002 @ 06:44 pm Welcome Nut Cases ONLY need apply!
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There is much pain that is quite noiseless;
 and vibrations that make human agonies 
are often a mere whisper in the roar of hurrying existence.
 Author: George Eliot

I Ponder: All Art Burns
If I died you will be in my heart, If I die by fire you also would be immolated

Life can be seen though the rear view mirror, even when one is looking forward!

K is for Katylin who was stuck with an axe. Your name is: Kate and this is your welcome page ! ?? 
See here, read the fine print!!!! 
You will be murdered by some sleezy member of the opposite gender…or it could be the same gender, it doesn't really matter... the important part is that you will be murdered
(dead like the picture to LEFT. Furthermore you, Kate will be left in the SNOW
AND you, Kate, hate snow more than anything else... 
Normally the following advice would be" to stop dating psychos". 
However, the advice is late, as you have already gone off and married your Dream Prince some evil dismiss must play into your future. (Fine print goes here
You are far too happy for your own good!! 
You are throwing off the normal balance. You must be stopped stuck with an axe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
and left in the above mentioned snow. What will be your Edward Gorey death? 

 This is a friends only journal
 But new friends are welcome!
If you would like to describe your own specific nut case issues, 
you will be considered as a friend.

Please, ONLY friends of friends OR established journals with friends will be considered.       


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